• Holistic energetic therapy or healing

What you radiate outwards, returns back to you

Energy is dynamic and flows from your personal energy field to your environment and vice versa. The quality and composition of the vibrations in your energy field determine the type of energy that you radiate outwards, but also determine which vibrations can flow into your energy field. This symbiotic connection with your environment is always there, regardless of whether you are aware of it or not.

If you keep the frequency of your vibrations high, you feel amazing and you’ll notice that this will increase the frequency of the energy in your surroundings too. It is a law of nature that higher vibrations can transform the lower ones. High vibrations are, for example, feelings of gratitude, joy and bliss. And for heavier vibrations, such as fears, anger and jealousy, the opposite applies.

By paying attention to your thoughts and feelings and choosing to respond to events consciously, you can transform yourself with lasting, high frequency energy!

Energetishce Therapie

Open yourself up to the world and the world opens up to you

Sometimes you are stuck in certain behavioral patterns, beliefs, pain points or physical discomfort, which can make it difficult to change: situations keep repeating and complaints continue to exist or appear in other forms.

If our energy field does not flow harmoniously and contains blockages, this can lead to illness on a physical -, emotional -, mental – or spiritual (including philosophy of life) level.

An energetic therapist searches your energy field for the cause of your complaints and works precisely with those vibrations that are necessary to transform blockages and heavier vibrations. This is tailor-made to where you stand at that moment.


Science confirms that we and everything around us consist of energy fields with unique vibrations and energy patterns. Naturally, energy is always in motion, flowing and vibrating in different frequencies. There are higher and lower vibrations and the spectrum of these is infinite. These vibrations are filled with information. You could say that we as humans have a consciousness with a unique vibrational pattern. This pattern depends on, among other things, your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviour (patterns), physical conditions, genetic lines and environmental influences.

If you shift your attention from the physical and material realms to the more subtle fields in and around you, you can experience these vibrations. A very simple example of this is when you feel more comfortable in the presence of a particular person compared to another particular person.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

~Nikola Tesla~

Holistic vision

Energetic therapy has a holistic view in which the method of treatment focuses on the person as a whole and affects the physical -, emotional -, mental – and spiritual level. Within this holistic vision, these levels are inextricably linked and mutually influence each other. In energetic therapy, disease is characterised by the lack of an energy flow at these levels. Whether there is a stagnation in your energy system, depends on the duration and the sum of burdens to which you are exposed versus your capacity, or how strong your constitution is. If the burdens are too strong and persist for too long, your energy flow will be blocked and people are usually no longer able to create a healthy balance on their own.The energetic therapist cleanses, balances and strengthens your energy field on all levels and reduces or removes blockages, so that your energy can resume its natural flow. You can experience this, for example, by feeling more vitality, more at ease and through more well-being from within. Your disorders and diseases can improve or disappear.

A healthy energy system is the foundation of overall health and well-being

Your energy system is connected through a network of energy channels with your nervous and hormone systems and ultimately all organs, tissues and cells down to the smallest subatomic particles of your body. Through these connections, your energy system provides all tissues, organs and cells with life force and regulates, among other things, the biochemical processes in your body. It also balances your emotions and your mind set.

Meditatie Healing Openheid

Self-healing capacity

Our body constantly repairs itself in an effort to maintain a healthy and dynamic balance. The constant renewal of our skin cells and the insides of our intestines are perfect examples of this. In the case of a wound, our body repairs it “by itself”. Within the age-old healing systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, it is known that our energy system plays a regulating role in this self-healing capacity. Naturally, our energy system is self-organized and self-healing which ensures that there is always work to restore the (dynamic) balance.In our current society however, we are often exposed to (too) many taxing and health-threatening stimuli and experiences to the point where our system can become overloaded and out of balance. In that case you might need (temporary) outside help.

Ancient therapy

Energetic therapy has already been used in the ancient healing systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, among others, long before our Western medicine emerged. I personally believe in combining knowledge and expertise of older Eastern medicine and modern Western medicine; an integrative medicine in which the best (combination of) method(s) is always chosen in the interest of the patient. Energetic therapy strengthens your energy system and your self-healing capacity, which means that it can also be used as a support for regular and other complementary treatment methods.