• Alcyone

    Healing, reading, coaching

  • Alcyone

    Healing, reading, coaching

Optimise your health and well-being in your relationships, work and leisure

The light forces at this time are powerful to bring out the pearls in yourself.

Bring your energy to a higher vibrational level, allowing you to make deeper contact with your inner core, your inexhaustible source of life energy, your Soul, your Higher Self. Your inner source is your best GPS in life. During my sessions we work to cleanse and transform what no longer works for you or hinders you, on the following levels of you existence: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This will give you opportunities to focus on what is really important to you and to create your life more consciously: to realise your dreams in your (love) relationships, in your work and leisure time. It boosts your sense of well-being and overall health.

Often you only use part of your full potential in terms of qualities and talents. Living from inner connection and strength gives you the keys to use your potential more fully and to create your life from flow and with pleasure. As by nature you contribute to a world based on love and connection from inner strength and wisdom.

Heal with love

Speak the sound of truth

Create in freedom

~Anna Eek~

My passion is to support you on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level by strengthening the bond with your inner inexhaustible source, so that you can live from inner strength and wisdom and form a balance between feeling and thinking. This will give you a key to use your full potential with all your gifts and talents and consciously create a life you desire with pleasure.

Energetic therapy

Within energetic therapy it is assumed that you will become ill if your physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual state of balance has been disturbed to a greater or lesser extent for a long period of time. Your self-healing ability has a natural tendency towards health and self-preservation and will strive to restore a healthy balance. This allows you to recover from illness.

If the load on your system persists too long and/or is too strong in relation to your vital life force however, you will no longer be able to recover on your own. In that case, temporary outside help is needed. An energetic therapist can stimulate and activate this life force and thus your self-healing ability. This allows for your recovery from within and brings you closer to who you really are.

Energetic therapy is ancient; it has already been used in ancient healing systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, where working with energy pathways (meridians), acupuncture, energy centers (chakras) and natural elements have long been established.

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